Erneuerbare dezentrale Energieanlagen mit ELEMENTS steuern


The decentralised energy platform

The world of energy is changing. The future of our energy supply is digital, renewable and decentralised. ELEMENTS is an energy platform that makes these decentralised sources part of the IoE: the Internet of Energy. For energy providers and public utility companies, this means new customers, new business models and the chance to profit from the energy market of the future.

Der Aufbau von ELEMENTS vom Gate bis zum Core

ELEMENTS – The platform for prosumers and energy providers

The ELEMENTS IoT platform can help everyone in the decentralised energy market. It provides the IT foundation needed to incorporate, control and monitor decentralised energy systems in an economic way.

The ELEMENTS Gate reliably connects prosumers’ energy systems with the Internet of Energy. Cogeneration plants, photovoltaic power stations, charging points and other systems are also connected. The ELEMENTS modules that run on the platform allow energy service providers like you to control and monitor all the important functions.

These modules unlock new business models and tools, such as self-consumption optimisation for your prosumers, community power and more. ELEMENTS also makes continued use of post-FiT systems attractive.

ELEMENTS: the benefits

Icon ELEMENTS ist technologieoffen

Open to all technologies and manufacturers

The ELEMENTS platform can be connected to any brand of electricity meter or any decentralised energy system. Our team is constantly integrating new field communication protocols and system types, from photovoltaics and energy stores to charging points from a range of producers.

Icon Steuerung von Energieanlagen mit ELEMENTS

Measurement & control of decentralised energy systems

The ELEMENTS IoT platform provides energy data updated every minute and automatically optimises energy flows. ELEMENTS makes it possible to control multiple decentralised energy systems in real time. Our modules enable innovative ways to optimise decentralised energy supply.

Icon neue Kundengruppen mit ELEMENTS

New business models & customer groups

Offer your customers optimisation for their self-generated energy and community power in your own corporate design and with attractive apps.
With ELEMENTS, you can go from being a simple electricity supplier to an energy service provider, allowing you to offer even more value to your customers, even once their feed-in tariffs come to an end.

Icon Datenschutz bei ELEMENTS

IT security and data privacy

The ELEMENTS energy platform processes sensitive personal data in order to offer innovative digital energy products. We therefore apply the highest standards in IT security. Our modern security solutions ensure the greatest possible failure protection and reliable data privacy.

Icon ELEMENTS als offene Plattform

An open platform

New modules for ELEMENTS are being created all the time, bringing benefits to everyone in the energy sector. OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES provides these modules together with external developers, with the aim of constantly expanding the functions and possibilities of the IoT platform. Find out more in the developer area.

Icon direkt mit ELEMENTS starten

Get started right away

You can get started as soon as the first ELEMENTS Gates are connected to the decentralised energy systems. You don’t even need your own infrastructure! ELEMENTS is an integrative cloud software system with the highest IT security standards. All you need is an internet connection.

The four components of ELEMENTS

How our energy platform works

Die Komponenten von ELEMENTS in Haushalt, Kraftwerk und beim Energieversorger


The ELEMENTS Gate is an IoT computer that measures and controls energy systems in buildings (e.g. heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, energy stores and electric vehicles) and outdoors (e.g. biogas plants, wind or solar energy systems). The data collected is transferred securely to the server.


2. ELEMENTS Server

The ELEMENTS Server manages the data and user authorisations. It runs the control algorithms reliably and individually for each user. All data is encrypted and handled according to the highest standards of IT security.

ENERGY SCOPE als Interface für Energieversorger

3. Energy provider interface

ENERGY SCOPE lets you access the installed energy systems. The basic features include an interactive map with all sites, data updated every minute for the network and individual systems, along with the ability to activate control variants.

Icon für der ELEMENTS NOW Apps für Prosumer:innen

4. Customer interface

You can offer your customers mobile apps with your corporate design that show energy generation, consumption and other data in real time. The intuitive interface gives your customers a constant overview of their own systems and energy flows that is precise to the minute.

ELEMENTS is compatible with these energy systems

The ELEMENTS IoT platform is open to a range of technologies. Our team is constantly working to add more system types to ELEMENTS via a series of interfaces and field communication protocols. The aim is to cover the full breadth of decentralised energy supply across all sectors.
Photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, batteries, charging stations and many more energy systems from countless producers are already integrated into ELEMENTS, and can be easily connected.

Here are just a few manufacturers of ELEMENTS-compatible energy systems:

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Are your energy systems not yet included?

Would you like to know whether a certain system type can be connected to ELEMENTS? Ask us when your required device will be supported or let us know what you need. We can normally integrate most devices into ELEMENTS quickly.

Zu den ELEMENTS-Modulen

Our ELEMENTS Modules

Are you an energy provider, energy system manufacturer or grid operator? Want to be a player in the energy market of the future?

Our ELEMENTS modules offer a solution to every challenge!

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