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Information for ELEMENTS module developers

Welcome to our vision of the future of energy: a network of decentralised energy systems, flexibly supplying households and vehicles with renewable energy and heat. Connected to the ELEMENTS IoT platform, the systems trade energy flexibly with each other and with cross-regional networks. The ELEMENTS modules enable services and optimisations within this ecosystem. It is this that offers real added value to energy providers.

Help us take ELEMENTS forward

Join our successful team as a developer and create modules that unlock new possibilities for players in the energy market of the future. The modules frequently access data from the decentralised energy systems, from photovoltaic systems and charging stations to smart energy meters. They provide new service, visualisation and optimisation options for a wide range of user groups. Together, we will drive the energy revolution forwards, making decentralised and renewable energy systems attractive for both users and energy service providers.

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Your contact person

Florian Kaiser aus dem OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES Team

The benefits for ELEMENTS developers

  • The connection with ELEMENTS drastically shortens your modules’ time to market.
    ELEMENTS enables secure access to decentralised energy systems and provides your algorithms with energy data from the field, while maintaining privacy and data security for end customers.
  • An attractive shared-revenue model for module value creation means you automatically profit as the platform grows. Continuous revenue streams enable sustainable business models.
  • We take care of quality control, marketing and sales for your modules.
  • You retain full ownership of the intellectual property (IP).

Become a developer: four kinds of cooperation

Energy service providers

Do you provide energy or related services? Want to offer your customers a software solution for their decentralised energy systems? Offering your solution as an ELEMENTS module makes product development quick and easy.

System manufacturers

Do you produce energy hardware and have an idea for a module that could create digital added value for your employees or users? We will give you the resources you need to turn this idea into reality.

Domain experts

Have you developed an algorithm for the complex matching of decentralised energy generation and consumption? Are you looking for a way to market your software that highlights the sustainable value it creates? Connecting to ELEMENTS can be the key that unlocks markets for your software.

Software developers

Do you want to help drive the energy revolution forward? Are you looking for special projects or have an idea for a module based on field data? We can put you in contact with the relevant industry players, so that you can use your IT expertise to create new sustainable solutions.

Technical requirements for the ELEMENTS platform

  • ELEMENTS takes care of secured field data abstraction, provides data for modules every minute and sends schedules to the energy systems.
  • We provide a generalised open API (application programming interface) for this at server level.
  • For you as an ELEMENTS developer, this means you can concentrate on your module as an application for decentralised energy systems, without having to worry about communication between the energy systems and meters (e.g. via SMGW).
  • The existing ELEMENTS authentication, authorisation and data transfer system is based on the recommendations and specifications of Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for active external market participants as part of SMGW-PKI.

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