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Developed for: Energy providers
Can be used in: Germany, Switzerland

By combining the COMMUNITY DATA module and the customer app COMMUNITY NOW, you can create an attractive energy community. Invite your customers both with and without self-generation to become part of the energy community, allowing them to take an active role in community power supply. Energy sharing reduces your customers’ dependence on the cross-regional power supply. As the administrator of the energy community, you benefit over the long term from greater customer loyalty. The white label app included in the module boosts awareness among the members of your energy community about the important role they play in protecting the climate, while transferring positive values in your corporate design.

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Your advantages

  • Strong customer loyalty: The structured energy communities that you create enable strong, emotional connections for prosumers. Think of a group of football fans, whose local stadium is connected to the energy community and supplied with their self-generated electricity
  • Strong brand representation: The emotive white label app in your design strengthens your image as an energy provider
  • Unlock new customer groups: The energy community allows you to offer an attractive product to customers who do not generate their own electricity. You can also gain prosumers with post-FiT systems with COMMUNITY
  • Develop new business models:: Instead of billing for KWh once a year, you can generate fixed membership fees for the energy community

Module features

Energy community structuring

Create and manage multiple regional energy communities or nationwide communities with special features. You determine the characteristics of the respective community and decide who can join.

Calculation of self-sufficiency and proportion of self-consumption in the community

The module continuously calculates the level of self-sufficiency and self-consumption in the community, and provides the data to community members via the app. Milestones communicate positive messages.

App in your corporate design for your customers

The attractive mobile app visualises the flows of energy in the respective household and compares generation with consumption. One layer up, the app shows the self-consumption of the connected energy community. It also shows whether the community is currently consuming more energy than it produces.

Kundenvorteile Community-Strom

What you can offer your customers

  • Prosumers can offer their excess energy to the community
  • This community energy is green, regional and transparent
  • Optimised consumption leading to lower energy costs
  • Transparency through up-to-the-minute display of consumption and generation data in the COMMUNITY NOW app
  • Strong emotional value through the community with generators and consumers that they feel strongly about (e.g. sports club, local neighbourhood, etc.)
  • Contribution to the energy revolution through reduced CO2 emissions

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