Dynamic load management for electric vehicles

Developed for: Energy providers | facility managers | car park operators
Can be used in: Across Europe

SAFEGUARD offers comprehensive dynamic load limiting for charging stations. The module makes it possible to simultaneously charge multiple electric vehicles, while protecting the household connection against overload. The existing connected load is fully exploited, while taking current energy consumption and any self-generation in the building into account. This lets your customers get the most from their mains power connection.
Do your customers charge their electric vehicles with their self-generated electricity? Why not combine the SAFEGUARD module with the TOGETHER module to automatically maximise self-consumption? The TOGETHER NOW white label app visualises the charging performance.

Ein E-Auto lädt mit dem Safeguard

Your advantages

  • Avoid high investment costs for expanding mains connection, as SAFEGUARD provides reliable protection against overload
  • Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, car parks, etc. with standard mains connection that want to connect large consumers, such as charging stations or heat pumps
  • Optimised energy prices (network charges) by capping load peaks
  • Safe and efficient charging for multiple electric vehicles
  • Optimum distribution of the locally available charging load to all charged electric vehicles

Module features

  • Dynamic load limiting
    The SAFEGUARD module communicates with the smart meter and controls the load during charging, so that the set maximum value on the meter is not exceeded.
  • Optimum charging power
    Instead of statically reducing the charging power, all simultaneously connected electric vehicles are charged with the respective maximum available power.
  • Local control
    The SAFEGUARD module runs locally on the ELEMENTS Gate. Additional modules can be easily added as required, in order to incorporate local photovoltaic systems, for example.

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Requirements: ELEMENTS

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