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Optimising self-consumption for landlord-to-tenant energy

Developed for: Energy providers
Can be used in: Germany, Switzerland

The TOGETHER module is the perfect solution for your customers who live in multi-household homes with self-generated energy, or properties with landlord-to-tenant energy. This module combination lets them maximise self-consumption automatically. The connected energy systems are controlled together, taking up-to-the-minute forecasts for consumption and generation into account. Thanks to the TOGETHER NOW white label app, your landlord-to-tenant energy customers can always keep an eye on the important data. This includes both their own power consumption and the amount of energy that the property generates and consumes in total, updated every minute. With the TOGETHER module, landlord-to-tenant energy can make a decisive contribution to the urban energy revolution.

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Your advantages

  • Strong brand representation: The emotive white label app in your design strengthens your image and boosts customer loyalty
  • Unlock new customer groups: TOGETHER is particularly attractive for multi-household homes with post-FiT systems
  • Expand your portfolio: The module lets you offer an easily scalable digital service to customers who generate their own electricity, alongside existing energy supply
  • Compatibility: Can be used by all prosumers across all system types and manufacturers


Module features

Fully automatic control of all energy systems in the house

All connected systems and devices in the landlord-to-tenant energy property, such as PV battery systems, heat pumps and heating elements, are controlled fully automatically.

Optimisation across systems
All systems are optimised to maximise self-consumption.
Takes forecasts into account

Forecasts for both solar energy generation and property electricity consumption are taken into account for optimising self-consumption

App in your corporate design for your customers

Your customers get an app in your corporate design that visualises both individual household energy consumption and the property’s overall energy consumption and generation. It also provides information about the property’s level of self-sufficiency and self-consumption.

Suitable for all building types with self-generation

TOGETHER can be used to optimise self-generated energy in multiple household homes, apartment blocks and similar buildings. It can also be combined with landlord-to-tenant energy models in all building types.

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What you can offer your customers

  • Integration of all energy systems in a single app, regardless of system type or manufacturer
  • Residents can use the green energygenerated by the building
  • Precise breakdown of energy consumption per household for simple billing
  • Optimised consumption leading to lower energy costs. Particularly relevant when connecting energy-intensive consumers like electric vehicle charging stations or heat pumps
  • Transparency through up-to-the-minute display of consumption and generation data in the app
  • Contribution to the energy revolution through reduced CO2 emissions

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