The control box for ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS Gate is the hardware in our system and acts as the control box. Inside your customers’ switching cabinet, it forms the interface between energy systems and the ELEMENTS Server. The control box controls and monitors all connected systems that generate and consume energy in the building, such as photovoltaic systems, power inverters, heat pumps or charging stations for electric vehicles. Our goal is to make it possible for larger, communal energy systems like biogas plants or wind turbines to communicate with the ELEMENTS Gate in future.

Our ELEMENTS modules optimise and visualise the connected energy systems, enabling sustainable and intelligent energy use.

One box, many benefits

Simple set-up

The ELEMENTS Gate is easy to install and set up with our service technician app. All your technician has to do is fit the box inside the household switching cabinet. Both the energy systems and the energy meters, whose connections converge in the switching cabinet, are connected to the ELEMENTS Gate via the various interfaces.

Updates over the air

Want to add a new module? You can add additional functions like community power or dynamic load limiting easily via the secure internet connection. The regular security and module updates are installed automatically in the background.

Highly compatible

The ELEMENTS Gate can be connected to all energy systems in your customer’s household. With the existing interfaces and supported protocols, we are able to connect a high number of system types to our CLS control box. We are constantly working to expand this compatibility even further.

ELEMENTS connects your customers

After installing the ELEMENTS Gates, you and your customers are connected. You can then offer a range of new products that unlock whole new business models like app subscriptions. Take a look in the ELEMENTS Store, there are new additions all the time.

Secure connection

Energy data is highly sensitive. That is why we emphasise IT security, data economy and encryption. We handle your customers’ data with great care and in line with all relevant regulations. The Gates are fitted with crypto chip as standard to ensure secure WAN communication for the control box and server, compliant with the specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Reliable support

The ELEMENTS Gates can be installed and set up by your own service technicians. We give you everything you need here. But just in case you have any problems, we can deal with any issues remotely. Simply get in touch with our support.

Flat or compact? Choosing the right ELEMENTS Gate


ELEMENTS Gate Flat im Detail

This small control box fits in every household switching cabinet. The ELEMENTS Gate Flat is connected to the internet via LAN or WLAN, and to energy meters and other energy systems via the interfaces.

Its slim design makes the ELEMENTS Gate Flat perfect for the needs of a single-household home. The integrated M-Bus makes multi-utility metering easy.

ELEMENTS Gate Compact

ELEMENTS Gate Compact im Detail

This control box is connected to the internet via a LAN cable and communicates with the energy systems via the various interfaces.

Thanks to the high number of interfaces, the ELEMENTS Gate Compact is ideal for the complex switching processes in a multi-household home or apartment block. A wired or wireless M-Bus can be connected for multi-utility metering.

Technical details


ELEMENTS Gate Compact

Dimensions (without connector):90 x 105 x 72 mm (6 TU)90 x 160,6 x 58 mm (9 TU)
IP protection rating:IP20IP20
Interfaces (quantity):
  Ethernet (RJ45)42
  Analog I/O1/18/2
  Digital I/O0/18/8
  wireless MBusexpandable
  wired MBusexpandableexpandable
Supported protocols:
  Modbus TCP
  Modbus RTU
  M-Bus (Wired, Wireless)
  IEC 62056-21
  Proprietary protocols

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